WNL in a Nutshell – 4/8/09

Wednesday Night Live ad 2008This evening was a little bit off, I think.

Our lesson revolved around the idea of comparisons – how we compare ourselves to our friends, and how God looks at the inside instead of the outside, and how we should seek to do the same. The video was very much engaging for our teens, but discussion afterwards was a little bit… lacking. It’s interesting, our teens love to talk, but when given an open floor, it’s like pulling teeth to get some real engagement (outside of a few select teens).

The lesson wrapped up… flat. The music (except for closing with No One Like You) was really flat. I had a really hard time getting a handle on one of the songs that I had just fine this morning.

Overall, not a horrible night. The announcement video was very well received (it’ll be up later), and there was some great relational-building time afterwards. But it was a bit flat, I feel.