Networking With the Local Paper


Free tip: Don’t be afraid to network with local news outlets to draw attention to worthwhile programs and causes.

At the end of this month, H20 Student Ministries will be taking part in WorldVision’s 30 Hour Famine. One of our mad-cow-storyfund raising programs that we are running between now and then is “Mad Cow Disease,” a simple program which is similar to flocking someones yard with plastic flamingos. For $5 a person can place our Mad Cow in someone else’s yard. They they are charged $10 to remove it ($15 if they want to send it on). Very simple, and it draws attention to the 30 Hour Famine. (To read the article, simply click on the image to the right).

Well, since we are in a small town, we got in touch with the local newspaper, and there appeared on the front page, a great story that shared the message of the Mad Cow and drew attention to what our teens are attempting to do for the Famine. Free advertising. The message gets out to the community, and (hopefully) it will help us raise even more money for WorldVision to use worldwide.

To check out the Mad Cow tracking site, go to

Bonus: the picture accompanying the article is one I snapped on my phone. Fun, huh?