FNFlood in Brief – 3/27

friday-night-floodI’m about a day late for this debrief. But the extra day gave me a little more time to process the evening.

Last night we turned the keys of Friday Night Flood over to teenagers who over the past month volunteered their time to plan the evening how they would envision it running. It went very well. From running the registration table to delivering the message, every program element was taken care of by a teenager. Most of these areas are run or at least assisted by teens each weekend, but there was virtually no adult involvement outside of supervising to make sure nothing went wrong or became too difficult.And even though it was an evening where teens were responsible for everything, I was invited to share a couple songs to start our break portion off, and after discussing it with the leader of the group, he swayed me to go ahead and step in.

Like I said, they did a great job. They kept almost all the same elements we would normally have on a Friday night, and weren’t afraid to think outside the box in a couple areas (no welcome video, and the challenge involved nearly half the crowd). It was a real blessing getting to sit back and observe, especially during the message portion of the evening. The teen sharing has shared before on Friday evenings, and though his message was a bit rambling at points, his message was clear. We all need to call out to God for help. I was particularly encouraged to hear elements of his message included lessons that I myself had taught in one format or another over the past 6 weeks or so.

I had penciled in another evening like this to take place before the school year was out – depending on how well this one went – and I think we will definitely keep it on the calendar.