WNL in Brief- 3/25/09

Wednesday Night Live ad 2008Tonight we started a new 4-week series at Wednesday Night Live. Last week BluefishTV called, offering to send us their Youth Ministry 2009 kit to try it out. If we like it, we keep it and pay the bill. If not, we send it back. Honestly it was a small answer to prayer. After our Revelation series and sickness cycling around our house, I had nothing left to write the originally planned World Religions series.

Tonight we used the Friends series with Sean McDowell. This is the first time since I have been in Corry that we have used a DVD-based study at Wednesday Night Live. The format seemed well-received by our teens. We covered the idea of loneliness in relationships, how that affects us and those around us, and even how our relationships with God might lead to loneliness on His part. We explored the woman at the well as part of all this.

The music seemed a bit off to me, and this week’s episode of From the Laptop was a bit flat, but relationally it was a good evening.