Think For Yourself

Last Friday at our after-school Bible Study in my basement (also known as The Man Cave), we continued our way through 1 Samuel. Well last week we reached 1 Samuel 17. Anyone know why that might be significant? I’ll give you a minute to click through the hyperlink… got it? Good. 1 Samuel 17 is the account of David and Goliath. (Don’t worry if you didn’t know it. I probably wouldn’t be able to tell you without checking myself).

Anyway, during the study time I wanted to see how many of the 7 guys who were there would be able to tell me the account from Scripture instead of from what they have see in VeggieTales, or have been taught in Sunday School. I have to say that I was disappointed, but not surprised. One piped up that David threw two stones, not one. The first was to distract Goliath so that the second one would hit him in the forehead. And more than half did not know that David decapitated Goliath after the giant fell.Small details, but they betray a great ignorance when it comes to the Scriptures.

Our teens (and many adults) in America are too dependent upon what others tell them about Scripture. Too few of them read their own Bibles for themselves to make sure that the one teaching them is telling the truth. I have blogged about the state of Biblical Illiteracy in the US before, and it is not going away. So as a small (incredibly small) part of my own campaign to combat Biblical Illiteracy, I used this week’s Jump Start devotional to challenge our teens to become like the Bereans of Acts 17. Take a couple minutes to watch. And share it with your own teens.

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