Friday Night Flood in Brief – 3/13

wnl-ad-3-11Hero Night. Yup. Another theme night at Friday Night Flood, and this time around we celebrated heroes. It was pretty cool to see a handful of the crew tonight come dressed as their hero. We even hosted a costume contest (which the winner had decided to come as a soldier) for those who wanted to join in.

Our volunteer crew was missing a couple, but we gained a couple back who have been missing over the past couple months. The video I put together highlighting several prominent Hollywood and comic book heroes was very well received. The free time for the evening went smoothly. There were some good conversations that took place, and a lot of first-time students came out.

The message itself drew a lot of parallels between superheroes, heroes in our own lives, and Jesus. I cast Jesus as the prototype for our modern heroes (Superman, Neo, etc.) and challenged students to seek to be heroes in the lives of others around them. We closed that portion of the evening with the song Hero by Superchick. During the down times in between we showed the Captain Blasto series (hero night, so show a series following a guy who creates a hero). Great stuff you should check out, by the way.

All around, it was a good evening. Look for the video up soon.