WNL in Brief – 3/11

Wednesday Night Live ad 2008Tonight we wrapped up our study in Revelation with an open-floor Q&A session. There were not quite as many questions as I had hoped, or was expecting. In fact, the bulk of them came from the same two people. But they were good questions nonetheless.

Of course we started off with my own position when it comes to eschatology (more Preterist than anything else), and from there a lot of questions asked for my personal stance on everything from the dragon to the one-world currency. There were questions about Lucifer, the beast from the sea, the rapture and more. There was a lot of overlap from what we had already covered, but it seemed to be a fairly decent follow-up to the series. I say decent because there was a feeling at the end of the night that there were more questions that just hung in the ether somewhere.

I had my laptop back, so we had music again this week, and we introduced the 30 Hour Famine to our group. Right now they seem excited about it. I pray that they maintain that excitement throughout the next month.