Jump Start – Isaiah

I love Isaiah. His book is filled with so many great nuggets that are still relevant today, it’s just insane. Not to mention that one of my favorite passages of Scripture is what he does in chapter 20 (go on and read it. But don’t say I didn’t warn ya). Anyhoo, I say all this because Isaiah is hte topic of this week’s Jump Start devotional. Feel free to use it in your own walk or share it with your teens or your friends. Or your wife. Or your dog. Though the dog probably won’t get much out of it. And please, feel free to comment if you got anything out of it. Or nothing out of it. Or if your dog got anything out of it. That would be awesome…

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Side Note: I was supposed to say “In Isaiah chapter 1, verses 18 to 20.”  I have no clue why it came out “verses 18 n’ 20.”