WNL In a Nutshell – 3/4

Wednesday Night Live ad 2008Tonight was a different animal yet again from what we are used to. Still no laptop, so media was at a premium (in fact, the only media we used was a DVD I slapped together this afternoon of the 4 movies from last weekend’s retreat), no music since my guitar is in need of new strings and I have not put them on yet, and we even had a college student drop in for a visit since he is on spring break.

Tonight we covered numbers in Revelation, and, in a change from my refusal to share my personal interpretation so far, I opened up on my understanding of what the consummation of Christ and the church will look like, according to Scripture.

We ran longer than I wanted (which gave our crew less than adequate time to start brainstorming ideas for the You Own the Night edition of Friday Night Flood at the end of this month), which was due largely to getting started late, and running longer than I wanted to on the use of numbers in Revelation.

But it was good. I relish the opportunities to share with our teens some of hte areas that the church gets its teaching wrong and share a more correct perspective. I love seeing them wonder and think of questions to ask to further their own understanding. I love seeing the light bulb come on when a deep, confusing idea is explained. And all three of those events took place tonight. Very rewarding.

I hope to have the video up over the weekend, so look for it. Next week is an open-forum Q&A evening, which I am very excited about that.