The End… Week Two Video

If you have 45 minutes free (or if you want to download it and watch it on your time) here is the full-length video from week two of H20’s  The End… series. I’ll be cutting the video into more digestible pieces in the days ahead, but wanted to get this out now, since I am backlogged with video right now (editing an episode of The Purple Police, more video from The End… tomorrow night, and no less than a dozen gigs of video from Snowbound to sift through). And if you get the chance, find the Simpsons episode Thank God it’s Doomsday to view. We watched a clip before our discussion started in this video.

The End… is our study through Revelation, and it really took a lot of our teens by surprise. Great stuff, really. And of course, feel free to share your thoughts after you have viewed the video. And feel free to use it in your own ministry. I plan on making everything available once the series wraps up.

Download the video in Quicktime here (click on File in your browser, then Save Page As to download). And to view part one, go here.

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