Interactive Prayers

img00003Being without technology this week really forced me to think of a different way to work worship through music into last night’s Wednesday Night Live (our weekly devotionally-oriented teen programming). I realized that it has been a short while since I have broken out of the mold when my wife told me (as I was moaning about tee extra workload to create lead sheets after a song selection process during an immensely busy week) that we didn’t have to sing. I had a House moment (you know, Dr. Gregory House of House M.D. on Fox?) in which I had a flash of inspiration from the Holy Spirit.

Combine your prayers and singing.

We take prayer requests each week, usually by passing a sheet around forimg00004 people to write them on. I then take them home, post them on Facebook and MySpace and pray over them myself. Tonight we dimmed the l15ights, I played 4 songs that were unfamiliar to our group, and I invited them to spend time in prayer, then come to the stage, write their request and light a small tea light from a larger candle, then place it at the foot of the cross.

The candles represented the prayers they had just written, glowing at the base of the cross, lighting up to the top, rising to Christ. It was pretty moving for me, and for several of our teens.

Great stuff. Use it if you can.

The Songs I Used:
Beautiful Blood – The Waiting (It actually starts with Raking the coals)
Lord, You Have My Heart – Delerious
Cares Chorus – Kelly Willard
Lord, Most High – Don Harris and Gary Sadler