WNL in Review – 2/25/09

the-end-mainWeek two of our new study in Revelation (for info on week one, go here. For video from week one, go here), and it was just as good as last week. Our teens are engaging, they are thinking. They are taking notes! They NEVER take notes! And we still have one parent who is sitting in on the study with us.

This week we tackled the ideas of the Rapture and the Beast, and our teens were shocked not only to discover that nowhere in Revelation is there really a concrete argument for a rapture of the believers, but that in the rest of the New Testament passages that are popularly used to show a rapture (1 Corinthians 15, Matthew 24) there are sound alternative interpretations that say otherwise. For example, in the days of Noah (Matthew) who is taken from the earth? Not the righteous. And we talked about how a Rapture is slightly out of God’s character to save a few Christians from intense persecution when we look at all those who came before us who had to endure their persecution.

We also read from Daniel 7.1-14 to look at some of the similarities between that chapter and some of the Beast’s story in Revelation 13. It was a great evening all around. Teens remembered what we talked about last week, they engaged this week, and my goal of forcing them to start looking hard at their own faith, and challenging them to make it their own instead of riding their parents’ coat tails seems to have been met. I left that whole rapture business ambiguous enough that I did not necessarily come down too firmly against it, but the ones who were paying attention figured out I am not a big believer in that interpretation of Scripture. Not to mention that I shared a clip from one of my favorite episodes of The Simpsons (Thank God It’s Doomsday) in which Homer finds out about the Rapture when he sneaks into a showing of the movie Left Below. Worth a viewing if you have 20 minutes and a sense of humor. (And after we were done, those that stuck around watched the rest of the episode).

Next week, numbers in Revelation and the New Heavens and New earth!