Friday Night Flood Briefly – 2/20/09

sexcellent-tallYet another amazing evening of ministry at Friday Night Flood. We have been truly blessed lately, as conversations and opportunities to get to know the hearts of the teens coming have seemed to grow each week.

Tonight we hosted our “Sexcellent” night. The last Friday Nigh Flood and this evening we collected surveys on teenage opinions on sex in our SexBox 360 (corny, but it got their attention. It’s amazing how closely they paid attention to a USPS shipping box painted white). One of our volunteers tallied the results by gender, and we shared them in a quiz show format after a dating game activity in which we posed 6 questions to 2 couples to see how well they knew each other, ending with “what does your boyfriend/girlfriend think about sex?” The results of that show were humorous, but the results from the surveys were even more interesting. a lot of guys said that they could not control themselves in “the heat of the moment” yet drew a line pretty far down in what they would do physically with a girl. Hmm…

But probably the most encouraging part of the evening came after we were done with all that. After noticing a volunteer and one particular student in some pretty intense prayer, the student later found me and started talking to me (we had chatted briefly earlier in the evening about how he is currently heartbroken, waiting for his girlfriend to decide to take him back). He said simply that he wanted to thank me for the message (3 Scriptures and some thoughts on them), and he thought that trying to rush into sex is what ruined his relationship with his girlfriend last week. He was visibly shaken, in a good way. I later chatted with the leader he had been praying with and got more of the story. Please remember this student in your prayers as he struggles with his human nature in the coming weeks and months.

That’s it for this week. Look for the videos around the end of the weekend.