Wednesday Night Live ad 2008Tonight at Wednesday Night Live (our midweek discipleship-oriented meeting time) we are trying something a little different. I am going to assume the role of storyteller with our group and share a remarkably condensed version of the course of Redemptive History. I will chart the path from Adam and Eve through Jesus and His disciples to our students today. Due to time constraints, I am selectively choosing only a handful of the people involved in this historic account, and jumping from the time period of Acts to today. But it should be interesting.

Afterward, there will be a little discussion time about how this impacts and affects our teens in their lives today. If this sounds interesting at all to you, feel free to click the image below and download all my materials I created for it. The imagery was created by Youth Specialties and has been provided to Youth Pastors all over to use as they are able to. I did not create the imagery. I hope to get a video of the message up tomorrow or Friday to share with you.

UPDATE: After uploading the original documents to, I realized that my spell-checking (and my own getting over a head cold) had not caught all of my errors in spelling and grammar. I have fixed this, and the corrected files are what you link to now. Thanks!

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