FNFlood in Brief – 2/6/09

friday-night-floodTonight was another great evening of ministry. On the programmatic side, we used a game in which volunteers attempted to gargle a song and have the audience guess the name of the song. And our message was a 10 minute clip from a Louie Giglio message about our insignificance and smallness in a vast universe… and how amazing it is that God loves us anyway. A powerful message. I have never had an evening in which the teenagers in the room were stunned into silence when the message wrapped up like they were tonight.

On the relational side, I was blessed to be able to step in and break up not one, but two fights. The second of which led to a fairly deep conversation about a student’s home life and how she came to arrive on our doorstep tonight (literally, mine. She came to my house for a ride with a few friends who encouraged her to come because they knew she has been having some tough times). And I was also blessed to receive word of another teen who was feeling so depressed she was apparently contemplating suicide later this evening. Even if it was blown out of proportion and she wasn’t really thinking about it, we still got to have a great conversation about relationships, a specific guy, and God’s will for their potential dating relationship.

It kind of put all the technical difficulty I had with our presentation program out the window when I think about it.

The message (we used a  clip from an old Music Video Loop. It takes the second half of the first video below, and the first half of the second one)