WNL in Review – 2/4/09

real-talkWe brought back Real Talk tonight after not hosting it for a couple months, and I was pleasantly surprised by how well-received it was. I remembered how much our group enjoyed the open-floor question concept, but I guess I didn’t remember just how much they missed it.

Real Talk evenings are designed to be a forum in which teens ask questions about faith, life, God, Jesus, the church… anything, really. I forward some questions on to the floor for other teens (and adult leaders) in the room to weigh in on, and others I answer myself. In the event that a question comes up that I do not have an answer for, I explain that I do not have a good answer, but will make an effort to find an answer before next we see each other. Tonight we entertained questions about Catholicism, fasting, why people view church as a duty and as being boring, will our pets go to heaven, will there be sex in heaven and more. I honestly cannot remember the list of questions right now (perhaps I will catch it on video next time we do it), but there were many.

Two things that we did differently tonight: I asked them questions and we incorporated music. Last time we hosted a Real Talk evening, I took the night off from leading worship through music. This time around I brought back a few songs that our teens like and haven’t sung in a while, and included a rather cool animated passage of Scripture as well (John 17.18-26). And I took advantage of the opportunity to ask our group to evaluate how we are doing in H20 this year. Surprisingly, out of nearly 20 teens and 2 adults, there is virtually nothing to report that we have done wrong or has hindered our teens’ Spiritual growth from their perspective!

All in all, tonight was an excellent evening of ministry, education and relationship building.

So open question to you, O’ gentle reader: How do you incorporate time in your own ministry for teens to ask questions about their faith?

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