Friday Night Flood in a Nutshell – 1/30/09

friday-night-floodTonight I got a reminder of why I am a Youth Pastor.

Tonight was successful on many levels. First, we hosted the premiere of The Purple Police’s second season (more on that later this weekend). Overall, it was a very well-received weekend. The video went over well, the Ultimate Fan Trivia Challenge was entertaining, and bringing the three guys responsible for the creation of the series on stage to share their motivations and their hearts was a great idea. They even got a chance to explain some of the things that were not clearly explained in the episode, and fielded questions about upcoming plots, and more. Minor celebrities indeed! Even the new welcome video (a spoof on The Office Linebacker) was better received than I expected. More laughter than even I had hoped for!

Second, there was a lot of great time for chatting with teens. I myself spent the bulk of the first 90 minutes chatting with one teen in particular about her family and life troubles. And even though I was at the church until after 11:30 (we ended at 11), it was not horrible because the teens left behind wanted to chat, and the one that I was not  responsible for taking home was only there so that another leader could run other teens home.

On top of all that, when I left for the building to set up, I took a dozen teens with me (7 of whom had dropped in at my house for Bible Study this afternoon. Good thing I took the church’s van home with me.

All of that combined for one pretty stellar evening of ministry. A well-run program, relationships built and maintained, and in it all God’s name was lifted up through our actions and attitudes, if not our words. Not even being locked out of the building because one of our guys walked back out without the keys once we go there and a couple of impromptu tongue piercings in the girls’ bathroom could dampen the big picture.

God is good.