The Weekend That Was

Last weekend was packed with all kinds of stuff. Hauling 8 teens around on Friday after Bible study (only 4 of them were there for study, the rest showed up just before we headed out to Friday Night Flood), waiting late for teens to tell me they didn’t have a ride home after Friday Night Flood, filming two videos (a new welcome vid for FNFlood and the latest episode of From the Laptop), the All-Church Birthday Party (celebrate everyone in the church’s birthdays all at once), and finishing the latest episode of The Purple Police. And in all of that time to be a husband and father, and watch The Illusionist (much better than I expected, but I think I still prefer The Prestige) with Kelly.

So in honor of such a busy weekend, I am spending the morning in the office doing administrative things. Here’s a couple of videos from the weekend. Enjoy!

Friday Night Flood’s Game

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Friday Night Flood’s Message

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