Wednesday Night Live – Debriefed (1/21/09)

Wednesday Night Live ad 2008Man did we have an interesting night at Wednesday Night Live. For starters, today started a lot earlier than usual. H20 was responsible for preparing and serving dinner for our weekly community dinner. Pizza from scratch. Delicious. In fact, we were worried that there would not be enough, but Wouldn’t you know that God had other plans. Not only was there enough, there was actually a lot left over.

After cleaning up, we headed into the youth room for some discussion about why we served the community like we did. How it showed the older adults that the teens care about more than just being loud or obnoxious. It also gave a lot of our teens a greater appreciation for how the body of Christ works. I was surprised at some of the thoughts that they offered on their own. After that I shared about the Online Mission Trip that we will be a part of next month, and had the new crew that was not here last week select five friends to be intentional about sharing their faith with over the next several weeks.

After closing up with a few songs, I had the opportunity to talk to one of our girls about her life as of late. She is hurting, and struggling to feel loved and fighting with intense feelings of loneliness. By the end of our conversation (not nealry long enough I am afraid) there seemed to be a small light at the end of her tunnel. I pray that it doesn’t end there.