Leading From Within – Continue Learning


I wanted to wrap up this series of posts on a really encouraging note, but one that would challenge as well. Continue learning. This is one thing that no matter how devoted I want to be, I tend to slack off a lot.

One of the primary reasons I use Student Ministry in place of Youth Ministry is because I believe that we are all called to be lifelong students of the Gospel. Students of God’s character and of our history in Him. (and His history that led to us being here). This spills over into continually learning in the present for me. Growth and knowledge can go hand-in-hand. Paul speaks of growing and changing that accompanies growth from a child to a human (1 Corinthians 13.11,12). If we don’t continue to learn and grow, we stay stuck as children.

This is no way to lead.

These past several posts have spoken of leading by example, and this is no different. We cannot expect teens to continue learning about their faith unless they see us committed to it and enthusiastic about it ourselves. Just like in spending time in prayer and reading Scripture (which are huge parts of learning and growth) we need to also seek out discussions about our faith. Learn from those more experienced than us. Entertain new ideas (if for no other reason than to learn why we believe the way we do), and find ways to challenge ourselves regularly. In fact, sometimes the most growth comes when we challenge ourselves by listening to and engaging with those we disagree with.

So continue to learn and grow. You might be surprised at how quickly it could catch on.