Leading From Within – Just Say No


Have  you ever found yourself feeling like you had to say yes to everything that you are presented with? Sitting on committees, making one more phone call, leading one more Bible Study, creating one more program? Having dinner on an already busy night? Forcing a parent’s idea into your ministry even though it does not fit the vision of your ministry (or even your church)? Do you feel like you have to say yes?

You don’t have to.

Piggybacking off of the scheduling lesson, your time is valuable. God gave you a limited amount to work with, you are responsible for being a good steward over it all. By being a good steward, you choose to use your time for God’s plans, not everyone else’s. Don’t respond to everything right away. Allow yourself to make time to discern if the request before you is God’s plan for your time, not simply someone else’s. Sure, we are in the business of working with other people’s plans, but His plans come first. Remember, when you say no to someone else’s plan, you are actually saying yes to something God might have in store for you instead.

It’s okay to say no. Who knows. Maybe your teens will learn to say no to some things that they should say no to along the way.