Leading From Within – Sabbath


It should come as no surprise to any regular reader of this blog that I am a big supporter of a regular Sabbath. I can’t help it, it’s Scripture. But how successful at it are we? How successful at keeping the Sabbath am I?

Most weeks, I am glad to say that I am pretty good at keeping the Sabbath. I set aside Thursdays (normally) as my one day where I do not go into the office, do not edit H20 videos or create lessons (or other media) for H20,  or even take phone calls from students (unless it is an emergency). In fact, I typically don’t blog on Thursdays either. I sometimes set up something to auto-post, but normally I don’t even log in here.

God placed in us a need to rest, to recharge. We need to take a break from the normal business (and busyness) of life in order to allow Him time to speak into our lives. We run and run and run so much during the week that we need to carve out time to rest and relax in order to be able to listen. (We should be doing this during the week, but let’s be honest. A lot of us don’t).

Our teenagers’ lives are much the same these days. Between school, sports, bands, choirs, dramas, Internet, TV, friends and more, they have forgotten how to rest. We need to model it for them. Show them how to rest, how to observe the Sabbath. Without true Sabbath, we can find ourselves suffering quickly from burnout. Help your teens see the need to avoid burnout themselves by observing a regular, weekly sabbath yourself.