Leading From Within – Scheduling


Our calendars can (and often do) dictate our entire lives. Especially within Student Ministry.

This might seem like an obvious statement. But sometimes we forget (or ignore) the most obvious things in life. And many times, those obvious things can lead to our stumbling, or outright downfall. What would we see if we were to open your datebook (or Palm Pilot, or wall calendar)? Would we see lots of ink? Lots of blank spaces? What is important enough to make it into your calendar?

I keep track of my schedule with a program on my laptop (synchronized to my Palm Pilot). It really is great. I can set reminders for myself, check my schedule at a moment’s notice, and more. But there are two things I need to constantly remind myself:

  • If it is not in the calendar, it doesn’t exist. This was drilled into me in college. I make every effort to include everything I am scheduled to do in my calendar. From working out, to meetings, to when I am in the office. This works on two levels. First, it allows me to track how my time is spent. This way if I am spending too much time in one area, I can make adjustments. Second, if anyone is ever to ask me how I spend my time (sometimes we run into this in Student Ministry, don’t we. Justification is usually the word…) I can show them. However, this only works if you remember. This past weekend I forgot to put a dinner with some friends into my calendar and ran up against a time crunch in an already too busy weekend.
  • Block out time for family. Do it every day. Divide your day (the waking moments) into thirds. Spend no more than two-thirds doing ministry, and save that other third of your day to spend with family. It doesn’t matter what you do during that time, as long as you are spending it with family.

Oftentimes Youth Leaders and Student Ministers complain that their teens are too busy or overbooked. Or that they forget about things too easily. Help your teens begin to see the importance of keeping a handle on scheduling by modeling it for them. Lead by example. Teach them that we are to be stewards of everything God gave us – especially our time.