Friday Night Flood in Review – 1/9/09

friday-night-floodTonight really seemed to center around some great conversations. Most Friday nights do, but it seemed that all of our volunteer leaders found themselves in deep, meaningful conversations tonight. And not just one, but multiple conversations.

I found myself walking into a conversation about whips and chains that turned into a discussion over who had walked in on the worst scene of their parents having sex (with their spouse or other significant other) that ultimately ended up in a 20 minute discussion with one student in particular over his belief that there is absolutely no good in humanity at all and why should we try to build an uplifting environment for others? Other volunteers chatted about spirits, salvation, and deep questions in life.

All in all, it was a pretty good night back for our first Friday Night Flood of 2009. We had a brief challenge toat got students having fun, shared the Nooma video Lump (simple and powerful. I love Rob’s imagery that is used in his storytelling during this video), and encouraged the group to rest for a solid 60 seconds. And for the most part, it was very well received.

It was a good night.