WNL In A Nutshell – 1/7/09

Wednesday Night Live ad 2008I’ll be brief tonight, because there is not a lot to share. Our first evening back was planned to be very laid back. No heavy exploration of Scripture, no life-altering charges. We were simply going to sit back, have some fun together, share some birthday cake (one of our guys turned 17 today), and chat about how we as a ministry are doing with our Remedy theme for the year.

Discussion kind of bombed.

I can’t say I am all that surprised. With the crew we had tonight, many of them are not to the point where they are willing to speak up in a group. Around the dinner table before our gathering, sure, but not during the discussion portion. And that is okay. It gave them a chance to hear a few of our adult leaders share their thoughts and perspectives on the topic. What have we seen broken around us? What have we seen broken in us? How are we doing at seeking to be Remedy for the brokenness around us? How are we doing at seeking Remedy for the brokenness in us?

I shared from Zechariah 10 one of God’s promises to redeem Israel, and shared that even though that promise was for Israel, the heart of it is for us as well, that we will be redeemed and given remedy for our brokenness – whether He provides it here during our life or on the other side of eternity. I also shared Lifehouse’s music video for Broken. I have to say that this song has long been on my list of all-time favorites, and the video is outstanding. Very creative and thought-provoking. And it tied in perfectly with our time together. God laid the perfect songs to close with on my heart yesterday and this afternoon.

All in all it was a very laid back and quiet evening. Though I do hope and pray that next week when we start talking about sharing our faith we get more discussion.

BONUS: Lifehouse Music Video for Broken