My (Second to) Last Program of 2008

movie-night-decemberWith the exception of Sunday School tomorrow morning, tonight was my last program that I am running this calendar year. It was our monthly Movie Night, and it had an… interesting… feel to it.

15 minutes after the evening was scheduled to begin, the only people in the building were myself and another student who had helped me rearrange the room into cinema seating. At 20 minutes past 7 two more teens showed and we started the movie. About a half-hour into the movie two more teens and their mom (also a leader in our ministry) dropped in and that was where we sat for the rest of the evening.

Tonight’s film was Elf, and it not only provided a clean, fun, light-hearted film that we could enjoy as a group, it also provided a doorway for some great Spiritual discussion to take place. (The discussion was lacking, but you could see the teens thinking). Consider this:

  • Santa in the movie (as in all Christmas movies and in all American thinking) is essentially God. Omnipotent, Omniscient, and able to be Omnipresent. But he provides a great thought, that believing does not need (and can be hindered by) seeing. Our faith is the same way. So many of us want proof, that faith gets jettisoned out the window…
  • Buddy (Will Ferrell) shows child-like awe and amazement at virtually everything. Do you think that this is a small picture of how we should live out our faith in God? We too often miss the little joys that God provides because we are so “grown-up” that it is beneath our notice.
  • Buddy’s father (James Caan) has to be broken and give up everything to pursue his family and what is ultimately right. Just like us…

There is more, but this is just a few of the things that we talked about after the film was over. That and the real history of Saint Nicholas.