Friday Night Flood in Brief – 12/5

70s-night-afro-1Friday Night Flood returns after a 2 week hiatus.

Tonight we opened our doors for the first time in almost 3 weeks. We attempted to host a 70’s theme night (our 80’s night last month was a success), but there was just no excitement for the 70’s from our group. We had 2 teens who attempted, and my afro was just sad. Really. We had a good sized group of teens who came out, and overall he evening was a quiet one, filled with great conversation opportunities, and only one teen who was asked to leave. There was a second who left because the first left, but she left of her own volition.

Our challenge was a huge success. We gave 3 teens a banana to shove in their mouth (without eating), and a pair of pantyhose to put over their head. The challenge was to be the competitor who managed to squeeze the most banana into the trash can through the pantyhose. One teen gave up and ate his banana. The other winner was decided by whomever managed to pull the pantyhose off their head with the least amount of banana left on their face.

One of our leaders who made a trip to Mexico for a short-term medical missions trip a couple months ago shared with our group about listening for God’s leading to get out of our comfort zones. And after she was incredibly well received, I invited the teens present to close their eyes and simply sit in silence. Rest. I do this every week, and this week was the best opportunity out teens have taken all year.

Overall it was a pretty good evening.