DIVE Recap – Part Four

dive-recap-logoThis is the fourth part in a multi-part series that seeks to debrief both myself and my readers concerning H20 Student Ministries’ Fall Retreat, DIVE ‘08.

After an evening in which teens stayed up later, but fell asleep earlier, we all awoke Sunday morning to the smell of pancakes, bacon and sausage cooking in the kitchen. Two adults from the church had volunteered to come and prepare breakfast for us (and help us haul luggage home), and served our group with much joy.

After cleaning up the cabin (we cleaned up one of the buildings that we used the evening before) and loading up the vehicles, we trekked to the secondary meeting space for our last element of the weekend. It was a celebration service based upon Romans 8.1-11. There were a handful of celebratory songs that encouraged our group to dance, get crazy and otherwise be undignified for our God. The cross from the night before was now empty, but hte nails were still there. This served as a reminder to our group that the sins they left at the cross Saturday night were gone, washed away in the blood of Christ. The nails were there to serve as a reminder of the sacrifice made on that cross so that those sins could be washed away. (This cross will have a permanent home in our youth room now, nails still firmly in place).

We celebrated. We sang. We got nuts. Then we packed up the gear that was used for the celbration service and pulled out (after digging out the vehicles, which actually happened before we loaded them up). We arrived back to our church building in time for our church-wide turkey dinner, and the weekend was officially over.

Lessons to Remember, but not necessarily addressed in this post:

  • Clean out the vehicles as soon as you get back.
  • Prepare pancakes and freeze them before the trip, so as to make breakfast easier to prepare.
  • Outlaw backseat drivers.
  • Pack everything up before the last session, so that after the session you can simply hop in and leave.
  • Pray as a group before leaving.


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