DIVE Recap – Part Three

dive-recap-logoThis is the third part in a multi-part series that seeks to debrief both myself and my readers concerning H20 Student Ministries’ Fall Retreat, DIVE ‘08.

After dinner Saturday night (provided by the camp dining hall), we made our way back to the second meeting area to host a Q&A session that answered all of the questions that we had collected in the month leading up to the retreat in our SexBox 360 (yes, a USPS mailing box painted and printed to look like an XBox 360). I handled most of them myself, but several I invited other leaders (and even a couple questions I entertained thoughts from the teens, since the had been covered in the sessions) to weigh in on. There were several thought-provoking questions in the mix, and a few goofy ones that were put in just to have fun.

After a brief recess (during which I changed the room setup for what came next), we entered the best portion of the weekend (for myself, anyway). We held a healing service for our students’ sexual sins. It was a very somber gathering, with a darkened room and several songs that interacted with grief and suffering (David Crowder’s Rain Down and Cry Mercy to list a couple). Students were also encouraged to interact with what they had been learning all day, and their own lives. In the middle of the service, teens were invited to meet with a friend they trusted, confess their sexual sins (with the desired goal being accountability to refrain from continuing in that sin), and then make their way toward a wooden cross in the middle of the room with three candles surrounding it where the nails would have been on the actual cross. Beside the cross were cross-glass-retreatpieces of paper and pens which teens were to write their sins they had confessed. Then they were to use the nails and hammer on the other side of the cross to nail the paper into the cross. We played several meditative songs in the background (Third Day’s Take My Life and Love Song, etc.) while this took place, and after it was done, I placed the cross in it’s stand and stood it in the front of the room beside the projector screen. After sharing that the teens were to look at the cross as they left the room, leaving their sins behind at the cross, we closed our time singing David Crowder’s Remedy.

The room was dismissed, but a few teens stuck around. During the cross nailing, there were several students who were broken by the gravity of their depravity meeting God’s divinity. In fact, after it was all over with a few stuck around for more time with God, and those that were left gathered around one in particular to pray over her for whatever God had laid so heavily upon her heart that she could not stop crying while kneeling in front of the cross.

The Spirit moved powerfully in our group Saturday night. It was the turning point of our weekend, the point in which our group seemed to gel as a body.

Lessons to Remember, but not necessarily covered in this post:

  • Be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit changed a few things around on me for the healing service, and it worked out so much better than I had planned it.
  • Make sure you carve out time for your group to goof off and blow off steam.
  • Don’t schedule time after a healing service rigidly. Again, let the Spirit move.

Bonus! A list of the more serious questions from our SexBox 360.

SexBox 360 Questions


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