Friday Night Flood in Brief – (11/14)

friday-night-floodFriday Night Flood was back in our own building last night. We had a smaller turnout than normal for Friday nights (the regular students who were missing were the ones that we tend to have the most issues with), but it seemed to lend itself to what we had planned anyway.

We shuffled some volunteers around to different responsibilities (which was a good move on our part), and we were able to spend more time in meaningful conversations with students. And our guest speaker from the evening works for Corry’s pregnancy crisis center Life Care. She shared about God’s plan for sex that has been thrown out the window by many in this generation. She talked about a few STD’s and how they can impact and affect teens’ lives. She was very accessible to the teens, and except for a handful who dropped off when she brought up some very “churchy” language, they were quite attentive. All in all, she was a very appropriate and successful speaker for us.

The rest of the night was filled with basketball, conversations and music. On a scale of 1-10, I would give this week’s Friday Night Flood an 8.