WNL in a Nutshell – 11/12

Wednesday Night Live ad 2008Nooma night!

That’s right, tonight the leader was a bit lax and fell back onto using a Nooma video for our teaching time of the evening. Well, in all honesty I was not lazy. If anything it made me prepare even more so that I might be able to shepherd discussion into helpful and beneficial rows. And I feel that we had good discussion.

Tonight we used the Name Nooma, and our discussion centered around the idea of what God names us versus what the world attempts to name us. After the video and discussion (which can be tricky, to say the least with over 20 teens in the room, let me tell you), I had our group take a piece of paper and, using art supplies in the room (crayons, colored pencils, markers and watercolor paints), draw/sketch/write either what hte world attempts to name them, or what God has named them. It seemed that most of our teens drew what the world has named them (fat, slut, whore, high expectations, dumb, short, etc.). So those teens are to draw a big “X” through their artwork and hang it somewhere to remind them that this is not what God has named them. Those who drew what God has named them are to hang it as a reminder of what God has indeed named them, and as motivation to strive for even more.

We ran longer than I hoped, but it was not a bad thing. We had a handful of teens whom we do not see on Sundays (mostly see them on Fridays) who stayed and even engaged in our time together. We are continuing to grow. We really are, and it is exciting to me to see that. We also tried out Easy Worship (which I have used extensively before) and it came with mixed reviews (great from the teens who did not run it, “I hate its from those who did).

On a side note, I went back to doing video announcements (something I have not done since I lived in Indiana) to attempt to get away from either not doing any at all (unsuccessful) or taking nearly a half hour each week (even worse). For the first time this year our group sat silent and paid attention for a full 5 minutes. Crazy! You can check it out below, just remember that it is supposed to be lame…

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