WNL In A Nutshell – 11/5

politicsI had no idea what was going to happen tonight on Monday afternoon. Sure, I have topics scripted through to the end of the year, but over the last week or so, God has been prodding me to lay the original topics by the side to be picked up later. So in honor of the historic election last night, we used tonight to discuss politics from a Christian perspective with our teens.

We opened with a couple of songs to get teens in the right mindset. From there we moved into a mock election to give our group an opportunity to share their thoughts, who they would have voted for, and why. (McCain won. Not surprising for our area). It also gave way to a little discussion about the role of the President, what Obama will be stepping into, and where our teens have gotten their information about the candidates this year. It also set us up for discussion about why the government exists, and the historical impact of this election. From there we spent time exploring Scripture that addresses the Christian’s responsibility to government. We looked at Matthew 17.24-27 to see Jesus’ support of paying taxes that are due, Matthew 22.15-22 to see what Jesus’ directions were to pay taxes to government. From there we dove into Romans 13.1-7 to look at our responsibility to work with the Government, and that it is in place because God has allowed it to be. I closed with a passage from 1 Timothy and one from 1 Peter, sharing that our ultimate responsibility is to pray constantly for our elected leaders. Then we had them gather in groups of 2 or 3 to pray for President-Elect Obama.

All in all, it was a pretty good evening. Lots of interaction, and a lot of Scripture that was completely applicable in our teens’ lives. And I left them with a thought:

God raises up leaders and governments, and within Scripture we can see instances in which He did so to carry out punishment on Israel. Our country was built upon slave labor and stolen land. If things get as bad as some people are projecting them to, who is to say that we have not justly incurred punishment? And if they turn out alright, then fine. Either way God calls us to pray for and support the leaders that He has allowed to be elected. Keep that thought in your head for the next few years…