Brave Saint Saturn is back!

As some of you might know, I host a media review blog over at Blogger. I aim to update about once a month, but over the past three months there has been absolutely nothing at all that has gone up. I hope to rectify that and get back on track for at least one update a month, and provide you with great resources for either your personal life or for your work with teenagers.

About two weeks ago I received the latest album from braveSaintSaturn, and I simply had to share. It is phenomenal. Here is an excerpt from the review:

“But ultimately what makes this album so spectacular is the openness. The raw truth that these are four men who hurt like the rest of us. They struggle, they cry, they have relationship problems. They ask God questions that there are no answers for. And they are not afraid to ask God for help.”

So head on over for the full-length review, and leave some love.

Redemptively Reviewed