Friday Night Flood in Brief – 10/24

Welcome to the 80’s.

Tonight we held our first ever theme night at Friday Night Flood. To inaugurate this new practice we decided to run with the 80’s. We encouraged teens and adults alike over the past month to come dressed in their best 80’s gear. And for the first ever 80’s night, there was a fair amount that came prepared. And even more saw the excitement and wanted in on the action. Overall the theme was a rousing success. Behaviorally the group was pretty good, with few incidents. We did have to turn one potential guest away, as he is a high school graduate. But he is supposed to stop in next week sometime to chat about the possibility of stepping in as a volunteer leader. So that is pretty cool.

Our message was one that was not prepared. I simply got up and let the Spirit speak through me. And the message was an invitation. I spoke about Jesus’ call to live life to the full (John 10.10), and extended the invitation to join Christ in that life to the group. No altar call. No Public display. Merely presenting the information and offering our leaders to talk to anyone interested in this life.

Overall, the night was a good one. Look for the 80’s footage on Submerge in the next couple of days.