WNL in a Nutshell – (10/22)

Tonight was an experiment. Over the past several weeks we have run full-tilt into the Remedy theme this year by offering a lot of teaching on Wednesday nights that focused on what we the leaders have discerned is necessary for our teens to learn and grow in. We plan on using these on a regular basis, where for the entire evening we suspend everything for simple conversation. Tonight I put us on pause and we entertained questions from the group about… anything.

Well, we focused in on their questions about their faith. The questions ran from “Were the dinosaurs really here millions of years ago” and “Were cavemen really here” to “What were the Nephilim” “Does the Dragon in Revelation mean dragons are evil” and “Why did God create Satan if He knew that Satan would go against Him?” Questions came from students and leaders both. I loved tonight. Being able to sit and answer questions and converse with students like we did tonight is one of my favorite aspects of Student Ministry.

On the negative side, we really need parents to start showing up in the neighborhood of ‘on time” so that if I need to help out at home I can get here in a reasonable amount of time…

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