Got your attention? Good!

This Fall (November in fact) we are beginning a new tradition for our ministry. We will be hosting a Fall Retreat that focuses in on the topic of sex. Not a Silver Ring Thing, or a True Love Waits program, but an entire weekend built around exploring God’s plan for sex, the negatives and the positives, and really opening up the lines for discussion about this topic. In our area teenage sex is an epidemic. In fact, our teen pregnancy rate is through the roof.

We know that this is a very large elephant in the room for many of our teens (and many teens period). So we are dedicating a weekend to the topic. We want to be the real church, and enter into honest discussion about sex with our teens. (You ever notice that the church as a whole only seems to discuss sex when someone has an affair?).

So here is a promo trailer for the retreat. Once it is all over with, I plan on making all of our resources available to you free of charge. So be on the lookout for that.

And please, if you have any feedback for me, lemme know.

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