Over and over I drill into my teens (and some of my parents’) heads that it is imperative that they take a regular Sabbath each week. Of course, the excuses come back that there is no time, that they are too busy, that they can’t do it on Sunday. (It always amuses me when someone says that they are too busy to rest). In fact, last week there were at least 3 separate encounters that I had in which this topic came up.

This week, God made me eat my words. You see, I take Thursdays off as my Sabbath each week. Sometimes I have to shift that, but mostly it is Thursdays. But I have noticed that those Sabbath days are typically filled with tasks that I do not get to during the rest of the week. There is little genune rest involved. Now I am not someone who says that on the Sabbath we should have no work at all. Far from it. In my understanding the Sabbath is supposed to serve as a preview for wat is to come on the other side of eternity. There is rest, but there is still activity. In college I would spend a lot of time playing Ultimate Frisbee, reading, playing ESPN 2K5 against roommates, watching movies, playing my guitar, spending time with my fiancee. Now as an adult, I see my Sabbaths take up by housework, phone calls, TV, playing with my daughter, spending time with my wife, and every now and then a lingering project from our ministry.

I need to shift back to where I was a year ago. I once took my own advice and took a day off from my job, not from my life. God took this weekend and made me take a day (actually two) off by hitting me with a pretty severe head cold. When He wants me to slow down, I have noticed He uses this method, because it halts my ability to really think. So I need to rework how I Sabbath. Not everything I do on a Sabbath is a negative thing. But I do need to change some things about my Sabbath.

How is your Sabbath going?