Friday Night Flood in Brief – (10/17/2008)

From our H20 Leader’s blog:

Date: Friday October 17, 2008
One-Sentence evaluation of the evening: Back to our large numbers, it seemed for the most part solid.
Your role in the evening: I provided the game, media, played volleyball with teens, setup and tear-down, conversations with teens, and bully/police officer.
What was good about the evening? A slew of newer teens, teen attention levels during the message (guest missionaries), engagement in games in the gym.
What was negative about the evening?
A student being asked to leave for ignoring several rules, the game did not go over as well as I had hoped, another student’s pants (we threatened him with duct tape if he came without a belt again! He has been coming for a few years, and it is really getting old to see his drawers), students STILL not getting the need to return ALL Wii pieces.
Did the message resonate with students?
I know that for several it really did connect. Even some of our teens whom I would not expect to pay attention and click with it seemed to.
Your favorite moment (or moments) from the evening? Hmm… Hard to select one, but most of the evening was pretty good.
Anything else that leadership needs to know about the program, students, or the evening? 80’s night next week! The teen who was asked to leave will be allowed in next week, I need to get forms to Matt ASAP.