Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Today (October 15) is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. I speak to you in this post, not as a Youth Pastor, but as a father. Today is a day set aside to remember children that have been lost due to miscarriage, ectopic pregnancies, still births and infant deaths. Though for parents who have lost children, every day is a remembrance day, today has been set aside to recognize it in a public manner.

Kelly and I have lost two children to miscarriage. We know that there is a reason somewhere in God’s plan that we were unable to carry these two children to term, and enjoy their laughter here on this side of eternity. But even with that knowledge, and a successful full-term (and now nearly 15-months old) child, the pain is still there at having lost our children before we ever got to meet them.

There may be people at your job, in your church, at your school – anywhere and everywhere – that have experienced this type of loss. For some reason miscarriages are not talked about very much, and when they are people tend to shy away, unsure of how to respond. Take some time today to talk to friends who have lost children for whatever reason. Pray with and for them. Provide a listening ear and a soft shoulder to them. Allow them to tell you of their children, because even though the child is not with them, their love for them will not fade.

And for Jeremiah and Hanani, we miss you greatly. I do pray that we will be able to see you someday, in God’s time and in His glory.


For more information on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day go here.