SERVE:Corry (10/11)

Today we initiated our first SERVE:Corry service Saturday. In keeping with our Remedy theme for the year, we have decided to start regular service projects around Corry. To be a Remedy for our area, and beyond. We will hold these SERVE:Corry Saturdays the second Saturday of every month (and more often if our students are available). Read more about it here.

This month we partnered with a local organization called Carpenters for Christ. We helped prepare parts of a pre-fab house that will be sent to the Gulf Coast to replace a house that was destroyed in hurricane Katrina. This home will belong to a woman and her son who applied for federal aid, but her husband died before the paperwork was processed, and even though she inherited the property, it was too late to re-file. So Carpenters for Christ has taken on her cause. They are building this house here, and will transport and assemble it there for them.

All in all it was a good day. I do wish that we could have done more, but what work we did complete is that much less that they will have to do on their own, and was work done for the Kingdom.

We had 6 teens participate (which is about 4 more than we were expecting this time around), and they all walked away with both a deeper appreciation for the need still present in New Orleans, and a greater respect for those who carry this burden and seek to complete this task that God has set out for them.

Here’s the video: