Friday Night Flood In Brief – 10/10

We had a very small, intimate evening tonight. It was Corry’s homecoming, so much of our regular crowd was the at the football game. But we still had a handful that were not interested in checking out the festivities. And even though the first hour and a half made me wish that we had called the evening off, I rethought my position after our break time.

I tried something different tonight. For starters, we didn’t film our challenge for the evening like we normally do. We had a small crowd, and there were a couple of teens who are not allowed to be on camera (legal reasons with their family situation), so we decided to give these teens a chance to participate in our games. And after that we had something different.

Tonight I shared about the light that Jesus shows, gives and shares to us. Freely. And while I was sharing I turned on lamps as I read some Scriptures to the crowd interspersed with the rest of my message. Afterwards, there were a few teens who took our offer to stay in the room while the rest of the crowd headed to the gym. I got to spend a lot of time chatting with two girls, one of whom was not sure how to know that she is in the Light. A truly awesome moment.

Next year though, I think we’ll shut down for homecoming weekend.

I hope to get the video and a PDF version of the talk up before the weekend is out for you to use if you would like to.