Today I packed up the fam (all three of us) and headed down to Beaver Falls, PA for Geneva College’s Homecoming festivities! I have been looking forward to this for the past couple of weeks, and it did not disappoint. We got to hang out with some great friends, some of which we have not seen since graduation! Catching up was great! We also got to hang out with a lot of our best friends from Nellis (the house I lived in during my last two years), who are all spread out over the map, so times like these are few and far in between. We even had the opportunity through divine appointments (there really is no other way to explain it) to connect with two great mentors that walked alongside us all throughout our Geneva careers. One of them even officiated at our wedding ceremony! It set us up with such great conversation about our Geneva experience on the drive home.

And even thought the football team was sucking it up big time (really guys? down 14-0 before the first quarter was done? We had to leave after that, but when we got home I found that the final score was 43-14, not Geneva’s favor), Abby enjoyed her first football game experience, dancing to the band, playing with the guys sitting around us, and being just a beautiful joy. And I have to say that it was really incredible to realize that my daughter was walking the grounds of my Alma Mater. I had to sit back and really bask in that. Wow.

The only real downer to the day was the moonroof/sunroof on my car getting stuck open and having to drive pretty much the entire round trip with it open. Fine on the way down, but not good on the way back (it was a lot colder and made a bit too much noise for Abby to fall asleep easily). But even that cannot damper today’s festivities. It really is good to go home again, and even though the campus is in the middle of a major renovation, see all the familiar faces and places that helped to shape so much of who I am today.

Check out the few pics I managed to snap here.