Friday Night Flood in Brief – 10/3

What an evening! It really was a smooth evening (at least my experience tonight was), and there was a lot of great ministry that happened.

For starters, we had around the same number of teens that we had last week (probably hovering between 50 and 60), which made for a lot of teens running around the building. Most of them were off the street,so largely unchurched, which is what we usually see on Friday nights. But the best part about this crowd? After more than a year out here, a lot of them are starting to really open up with me, letting me see into the deeper parts of their lives. Tonight was another evening full of great conversations with several of these teens.

Another great plus was that one of our volunteers, and avid hunter shared a little about why he hunts (form a very Biblical perspective) with the crowd and took questions from interested teens. We also riffed on the Three-Headed Opera Singer game from Whose Line Is It Anyway? to some moderate success. And after our break, Dale (our volunteer) shared (with anyone who wanted to) some elk stew. Mmm mmm good. I’ve got two bowls of leftovers in my fridge right now.

It was a great evening. Hopefully I remember to post the videos here when they are done. If not, yo ucan check them out here.