WNL In a Nutshell – 10/1/08

Tonight at WNL we held our first Reflection Evening for the school year. We held several of these last year, and each was met with resounding excitement from students, partially since it was so different from the traditional youth ministry that our teens have become used to over the years. (You can read about a couple of them here and here).

We used several songs that were familiar to our group, interspersing two passages of Scripture for the group to read, reflect on and share their thoughts about. We used Psalm 118.1-9 and Matthew 29.16-20, challenging teens to wrestle with the concepts of trusting God, mercy, and the big one, doubts about Jesus. This was the one I really desired to see bubble to the surface because each one of our tees has them. But most of our programming does not allow much time for those doubts, and one-on-one conversations do give me excellent opportunities, but I have not had many chances to have those conversations with many in our group yet. And a few doubts came. But as one of our volunteers put it, it is comforting that we are not the first ones to have doubts and questions. We closed by inviting our group to write their prayer requests on a card, place it in a basket, and then grab a couple other requests out of the basket to pray over/for.

But the real meat of the evening came afterwards. I was able to re-connect with a teen that has been a closed door to me for a while. I was involved in another conversation that helped me to understand where another teen is coming from lately. And there is more, but to share it here would be calling too much attention to myself, and not placing it upon God.

As I told Kelly when I got home, despite all of the negative (there was a significant amount of drama between two sisters as well), it was a good evening. It really was.