How Do You Encourage Scripture Reading in Your Teens?

The CrossWhile not necessarily study (there is a ot of reading and interacting with the text, but no real academic work to speak of) I have been running a Bible Reading blog for the past few weeks. After our Journey With Jesus experiment this summer, there were a few requests to keep it going. So I have.

The idea is simple. Each day I read a chapter of Scripture, reflect on it and then share those thoughts in a post that is public to be read and commented on. The hope is that this will encourage our teens to develop a regular habit of spending time in Scripture. It also serves as an aid to some of our Leadership within the Student Ministry program.

But in the end I think that the person it may help the most is myself. It has developed a real discipline in me to spend time in Scripture each day. Now I am not consistent with the time that I do spend each day, but the commitment to each day is there. And it holds me accountable to a commitment that I made to myself, God and to our group.

Nothing really earth-shattering here. Just an age-old truth that habits can develop disciplines. Take from it what you will. And share if you do something similar. (I do journal privately – not as much as I used to, but I do).

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