A New Way to Do Sunday School

Over the past month we have been overhauling our Sunday School program. The old way of doing thing simply was not connecting with our teens and honestly, we could not point to any point in the way that we were doing things that was a help to ou teens in their Spiritual growth. One of the biggest mistakes I feel, is that we fell into the trap of overusing the lecture method of teaching. Oh sure, the content was good, but our teens were consistently disengaged. So we have been introducing them to some different practices, such as Lectio Divina (we have use this elsewhere in our ministry, but nearly half of the teens that we see on Sunday mornings are not involved in any of our other programming).

This week our Middle School teacher left town for a mission trip to Mexico, and I saw it as a perfect opportunity to introduce our teens to Stations. Stations are simply different areas of the room where teens will encounter God in a different way. (To learn more about Prayer stations, go here or visit Shane’s blog). We set up six stations, each one using something our teens usually do not interact with in their times with God, and allowed them to work their way through the passage (Romans 8.31-39) on their own, just them and God.

I believe that a lot of them really enjoyed and benefited from this morning. We will definitely use this regularly (I would like to do this about once a month). For more details on the stations themselves, watch the video below, and if you would like to use them yourself, click on the image below the video to download a copy of my notes).