WNL In A Nutshell – 9/17/2008

Tonight was a very different night for us. I realize that I say this a lot but it really was.

Our church’s Wednesday Night meal has been opened up to the community as free meal, no strings attached. This has been bringing in new families the past couple of weeks and has literally doubled our attendance. Why is this important? Because tonight H20 Student Ministries was responsible for providing the meal. So a large portion of our time together tonight was preparing the meal, serving it and cleaning up afterwards. Our evening shifted dramatically. But in a good way.

We are in the second week of a series that explores Creation and our relationship with it. Last week was the beauty in Creation, this week was exploring the Creation (or Cultural) Mandate. We explored Genesis 1.28-30 and really focused in on our responsibility to both the world around us (from deforestation and pollution to recycling and littering) and the bodies that God has given us (what do we eat? what do we watch? Are we resting enough?). We had a few new students (one of whom has never been to any of our programming. He came because a friend of his was coming), and I intentionally allowed for a lot of decompression and fellowship time after an abbreviated lesson time. I myself was able to spend time throwing a football around and chatting with a couple of guys that I almost never get to have extended conversation with, play a quick game of soccer with a couple of girls that we have picked up from Friday Night Flood, and chat with a couple of parents that stopped in. All in all an excellent evening.

I know that it is early, and I honestly expect that as our subject matter gets deeper that we will lose some of our teens. Or maybe I am wrong and God will use this in the opposite way, and He will continue to keep bringing new teens to us week after week. I pray that no matter what happens that we will be able to invest in the ones that we do get to see and work with). Either way, tonight was a very encouraging evening. I even got to pass along a load of compliments to our teens about dinner from our older crowd.

A great evening of programming that opened the door to some solid relationship building that will (prayerfully) pave the way to deeper understanding and development of our teenagers’ relationships with God.

Next week, the Fall of Creation and how that brokenness affects us today…