Friday Night Flood in Brief

Tonight was very rough. But it was really good.

We had a large influx of teens tonight that were not present last week. The football team having an away game can help with that. But we had the opportunity to welcome back a few teens who were barred from attending last year due to an inability to follow basic rules that we ask teens to follow (we agonized and prayed for days on this one, an ultimately had to make a decision that benefited the group instead of the individuals). We also welcomed several students who have never been out before. I think several of them will be coming back next week. Our message was about God’s intention for Creation to be admired for its beauty, not just used to live off of.

The rough edges were mostly teens who were disruptive and rude to leadership. But in spite of those, the Holy Spirit still allowed several of us to have raw, transparent conversations with teens who are hurting. I myself spent 45 minutes doing little more than listening as a student shared a lot of what has been going on in her family life. Please pray that her family life will go through some transformations soon, as she is on the verge of breaking and has dealt with suicidal thoughts all summer because of the problems in her family. She needs to know and feel that there are individuals that genuinely care for her.

Tonight was a great night of ministry. Even with all the rough edges. Remedy was present, even if only in the early stages.