WNL in a Nutshell – 9/10/08

Tonight was a great evening. It really was. For starters, our church began inviting everyone in the community to join us for a free dinner before our programming starts on Wednesday nights. There is no pressure to have people stay, but to simply join us and enjoy a meal and great company. And though the turnout was not humongous, there were several new families that checked us out.

On top of that, one of our regular Friday Night Flood students decided to check out our Wednesday Night Live programming. And she not only felt welcomed, but will be coming back next week. Relationally, this week was an excellent evening. Programatically, it could have been better, but it could have been far worse.

Our lesson was the first of three that will explore the Creation of the earth, our relationship with Creation, our responsibility to care for it, and how all of that has been broken. Tonight we started by heading out of the Youth Room into the woods surrounding the church and reading Job 38 in The Message. Then we read through the Creation account in The Message, stopping after each day was finished to discuss what each day’s created elements mean to life on earth. How does the sun impact us? What effect do animals have? Why is it important that there is light and darkness? Then we closed out that time by having each teen find some element of creation to hold onto while I shared that God has a plan and a purpose for all of creation, form the smallest item to the largest object. I also challenged them to keep that item to hold onto while they read through Genesis 1 this week on their own.

We closed out the evening with worship through singing (some great Spirit-led decisions for songs tonight) and hanging out together, playing video games, goofing around, and talking about life.

A great evening. A little rough in spots, but great nonetheless.

Next week, the Creation (or Cultural) Mandate