This past summer we took 8 High School students on a service camp/mission project in Pittsburgh. (It’s called The Pittsburgh Project, and you can learn all about it here). While we were down there, our Middle School students were invited to take part in a local service opportunity we called The Corry Project (yeah, real creative, I know). It was to be a week of serving shut-ins from the community, working with a housing ministry, and more. This did not happen. In fact, the leader in charge of TCP was only able to get hold of one student all week, so we scrapped it with the intention of bringing it back down the road.

That time has come.

With our new theme for this year that we are tying everything under (Remedy) it seems the perfect time for our teens to get involved in serving those who are less fortunate than they are. So we have tweaked the opportunities, fitting it into a once-a-month opportunity on a Saturday (works better with the school schedule this way). We even re-named it (so as to distance ourselves from the “failed” experiment, and to be a little more… obvious in describing what it is) Serve:Corry.

This is a chance to get some of our teens organized to serve just one Saturday a month. It only takes a few hours, and hopefully (and prayerfully) will allow our teens to get used to offering their time on a regular basis, and lead them into a desire to serve even more. It should be an opportunity for them to really put Matthew 25 into practice (which has popped up in our ministry all summer long).

We have October through December plotted out (and should be able to make more than one day in December work!) and I am expecting to be able to share our experiences with the entire church. I would love to get some of our parents involved as well, and truly allow the family to serve together.

And of course I’ll share them with you…

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Bonus link 2: President Bush calls for all US citizens to give 4,000 hours over their lifetime in community service.

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